T ech advances, work-life balance anticipation and expectations from a new generation of workers have transformed the world of work. How do you place people in jobs when the job paradigm is continually evolving? Kudos to the 2015 Europe Staffing 100 (which is also available online at si100europe.staffingindustry.com). They have done just that.

It is these very people who make this industry work, creating jobs and placing people in them despite rapidly-shifting economic forces. It’s not just about jobs, though. The Staffing 100 have kept us abreast of the ever-evolving sources of talent and new models of work.

Measuring influence is delicate. The Staffing 100 is not a ranking, but a list of individuals who we think have made a difference to the world of work. Some run huge staffing companies, others smaller divisions. Still others work in different aspects of the industry — MSP, RPO, online staffing, etc. Size notwithstanding, many have an outsized influence thanks to improvements or innovation in the staffing industry that have had a staggering impact on the bottom line.

We are proud to be continuing this tradition of honouring staffing’s best. Please contact us with any questions you may have about the list or anything staffing related. We will be happy to talk with you in person as well at the Executive Forum in London. See you there.