You hear it all the time. One of the biggest issues facing us is the shortage of talent. Where is the supply? How do we increase the pool of talent so the economy benefits? Kudos to the 2018 Staffing 100 who dedicate their careers — in different ways — to working on this issue.

2018’s Staffing 100 list presents entrepreneurs who have created new models of talent engagement; technologists who have streamlined efficiencies and opened new markets; workforce specialists who have studied blended labor pools; and lawyers who have advised and advocated for the industry. The list goes on. The composition of the Staffing 100 touches on all sectors of the workforce solutions ecosystem. And it is continually evolving, pointing to the changing face of our industry. When we first started the recognitions in 2011, we had no human cloud firms or online platforms or even many RPO providers. Today it’s a different story.

This year, we have the pleasure of including the Latin America 25 in the magazine, increasing the scope and diversity of our lists. We also include, for the second time, Staffing 100 Hall of Fame. Our goal in creating these lists was to acknowledge the very leaders who have taken our industry up a notch. But it was also to provide a zoom lens into how our ecosystem is being shaped so we get a handle of what lies ahead.

We hope we have provided that. The magazine will be distributed at the SIA Executive Forum in Miami, which will feature keynote speakers and sessions that inspect the long-term view of staying competitive in the market. Meet many of the honorees there and get ready to prepare for the future. We are happy to engage in any forward-looking discussions with you. Come find us.