Paris-based staffing company Alphyr has rebranded as Mistertemp’ group, which up until November 2019 was the brand it exclusively assigned to its on-demand, app-enabled staffing service.

But the rebranding is just one piece of it. The company took its brick-and-mortar model to the web before developing its own app. And the company’s name today reflects the app.

Alphyr began as a brick-and-mortar franchise network founded in 2009, providing support services and fostering a tightly knit network of franchisees. The concept took off so well that many industry professionals decided to give franchising with Alphyr a try: Half of current franchisees have hailed from large staffing industry groups such as Randstad or The Adecco Group.

Then Alphyr went digital. Its first initiative was launched as early as 2012: a web-enabled alumni redeployment service for existing clients. Alphyr then spent the following years with its in-house development team creating Mister- Temp’ — its on-demand, app-enabled staffing service, which was launched in 2017.

The app sends franchisees — which may not have direct contact with large accounts — requisitions that match their highly specialized skill focus. Therefore, the app-enabled Mistertemp’ network is able to compete with much larger staffing groups.

“Our offering is unique in that together the digital platform and the branch network create a brand-new service offering that does not exist in temporary staffing. Both our candidates and clients will benefit,” according to the company.

The Buzz

The physical, geographically localized franchise network acts as a powerful shop-front to the app-enabled, AI-powered offering: Clients and candidates can have a conversation with a human consultant ho understands the local job market. It’s the power of digital platforms combined with a truly local service delivery model. z