Companies have warmed to the idea of hiring talent across geographies or, in some cases, have no other choice but to do so. However, hiring around the world can be a headache from the payroll, compliance and tax side.

That’s where Omnipresent comes in. Founded in 2019 by Matthew Wilson and Guenther Eisinger, the company helps businesses hire talent worldwide while maintaining compliance with individual country laws. The company’s HR platform, dubbed “OmniPlatform,” integrates with some of the most popular HRIS systems on the market like Workday and BambooHR. Company and employee data on the platform are encrypted and anonymized.

The company handles all administrative tasks and acts as the employer of record. New hires receive local, compliant contracts, tax contributions and competitive benefits, including health insurance and pensions. Omnipresent emphasizes that it provides management throughout the full life cycle of employment for full-time and contingent workers, supporting companies from hiring, onboarding and payroll management through termination procedures — all in compliance with local policies. It also communicates probation and leave management policies with remote employees. Flexible and part-time employees, for whom laws can be especially confusing across borders, can also be handled via the platform, as can supplemental pay and discretionary bonuses. Omnipresent gives users the choice of pay and benefits packages that can be applied to all new remote hires or a customized package.

Omnipresent operates in 160 countries already and aims to expand further to be a platform for companies to hire talent literally anytime, anywhere.

Omnipresent has been growing with blazing speed amid the pandemic as remote hiring demand hasn’t let up. The team grew by a scale of 10, and revenue rose by a scale of 25. The company in 2022 raised USD $120 million in Series B funding to focus on further expansion.

The Buzz

In an age where remote work is more of the norm and hiring such quality talent in remote parts of the world in a compliant manner is vital, a platform like Omnipresent can help make the hire much less daunting and much more beneficial for both sides.