The last year has been spent making employees feel safe, special and part of something bigger. As the world of work evolves, the focus for staffing firms has been worker engagement. How do you motivate your staff when they are working remotely?

This has led to an exploration of varied techniques that tap people’s creativity, productivity and need to be a part of a purpose-driven mission.

There are staffing firms today that have people coming into the office in shifts — it’s a vastly different environment from 2019. Forget masks, hand sanitizers, six feet of separation and checking in on an app to ensure you’ve followed safety protocols.

This is about ensuring that you don’t impact people’s health while putting people back to work. Perks like an on-site masseuse, laundry service, trips to Cabo, happy hours and game rooms are all things of the past. They were perks that helped move employee engagement.

Today, they don’t make sense. Firms can’t and don’t provide them. The real motivators have proved to be training and employee coaching and development, worklife balance, and accessible and reachable management. These are the values that count and have a lasting impact. In fact, these are what we have seen being praised by employees time and again in past years’ Best Staffing Firms to Work For lists. These are the benefits that help companies withstand the test of time.

Enter the 2022 Best Staffing Firms to Work For winners, which are providing what their internal workers want and need — many for years. Read the stories of the five grand prize winners, categorized by internal employee count, in the following pages to get a grasp of what it takes to be a Best Staffing Firm To Work For in the new world of work. The Best Staffing Firm To Temp For is profiled starting on page 32.

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