It’s a new working order. Following two years of forced separation and offsetting shifts to help employees maintain distance from one another, the staffing industry has settled into a stable functioning arrangement. But it looks different for different staffing firms. Many continued to offer remote work as an ongoing option, and numerous employees opted for a hybrid approach – they like working from home but do appreciate in-person interactions. Other companies are fully remote with no official office spaces.

In this world, it’s all about maintaining employee engagement. While that might have looked like stocked fridges, game rooms and destination company events and awards, amid the lockdown, employers pivoted to socializing on Zoom and sending care packages to employees. Now, as companies are settling into the new working order, the emphasis is on engagement. With some employees remote but others in the office, what practices would make the most sense?

The Best Staffing Firms to Work For have stepped up to the challenge. And their employees approve. The employees for the Best Staffing Firms to Work For list — this is the 14th time SIA has produced the list- have long valued development programs, approachable management and companies that respect work-life balance. But the winners of our competition also know employees will go above and beyond for a company that will do the same for them.

Congratulations to the 2023 Best Staffing Firms to Work For, sponsored by Sense. The five grand prize winners in North America, categorized by internal employee count, the Best Staffing Firm to Temp For, and the Best Staffing Firms to Work For — UK and Ireland, are profiled online.

The grand prize winners for the  (two in each region) are profiled online at