The last few years have brought profound changes to the staffing world. The pandemic, social unrest, geopolitical turmoil and inflation, among other upsets, have pushed the workforce solutions ecosystem to evolve faster than ever before. Technology advancements are upending many established practices, and workers are more empowered to embrace social justice and seek out employers that are committed to diversity, equity and inclusion.

Helping their companies weather these massive shifts are the 2023 40 Under 40. They share an ease with technology as well as a desire to challenge the status quo and advocate for change. Many also share a similar start in staffing: They never envisioned having a career in the industry. Some were in other professions and saw a gap or pain point they could solve through staffing. Others came to the vocation through chance meetings. But they all fell in love with the industry’s promise: helping connect people with meaningful work.

Now they are taking that promise a step further, leading not just in terms of connecting talent with clients but also internally, ensuring their colleagues and employees achieve success in their own careers. And they thrive in it, pushing their companies to new heights along the way.

Congratulations to the 2023 40 Under 40. We are proud to highlight their careers at