Question: How big an impact do you think the Affordable Care Act will have on the staffing industry revenue growth as a whole?

Answer: Staffing Industry Analysts’ latest forecast assumes 1 percent to 2 percent incremental growth for the healthcare staffing segment. However, it estimates the ACA will have only a neutral to modestly positive impact on the growth of other staffing industry segments. While Staffing Industry Analysts believes that some small firms may select temp staffing to keep their workforce below the 50-employee threshold, it predicts the impact to be less than 1 percent growth.

Staffing Industry Analysts’ 2013 survey of large buyers of staffing found that the share of buyers planning to increase use of temporary workers due to ACA was roughly equal to the percent planning to decrease use of temporary workers due to ACA; there was, on net, no indication that ACA would stimulate demand among large buyers.