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Noncompliance OK

Non-ACA compliant plans may continue another year.

Consumers and insurers may keep coverage that does not meet the minimum standards required by the Affordable Care Act, the US Department of Health and Human Services’ Center for Consumer Information and Insurance Oversight announced. These small group and individual policies were previously set to be cancelled.

Aspirations Fall

On way to C-suite, women’s ambitions wane. Globally, the majority of women in the early stages.

of their professional career aspire for executive leadership, but ambition drops at the senior level, according to the Leaders & Daughters Global Survey released by search and leadership advisory services firm Egon Zehnder. Women lower their ambitions considerably as they strive to reach the C-suite.

Trends_170304_BalanceWEBWhat’s Your EQ?

Nearly all HR managers and workers say emotional intelligence is important.

Nearly all HR managers and workers, 95% and 99% respectively, say it’s important for staff to have high emotional intelligence. Professionals can rely on their emotional intelligence to deal with the variety of personalities and challenging situations they encounter at work, according to research by OfficeTeam, a division of Robert Half International Inc. When employees take emotions into account, they make better decisions, communicate more diplomatically and resolve issues faster regardless of who or what comes their way.

What Lies Ahead

What’s expected to come as discussed at the Staffing Industry Analysts Executive Forum.

Staffing Industry Analysts’ 2017 Executive Forum held in February was attended by more than 1,200 staffing executives and professionals. The mood was buoyant. Here’s a look at some elements covered.

Growing Market. We project the US staffing market to grow 4% this year to reach a record $145 billion in revenue.

Vibrant Marketplace. Many new entrants to the market with varied business models reveal the evolution of the workforce solutions ecosystem.

IT Spurt. Insiders are optimistic that IT growth will reaccelerate in 2017 after a mild slackening in demand as easing uncertainty drives improved business spending.

Looking Up. Industrial staffing leaders expressed optimism for the coming year, due to a more “pro-business” federal government administration that would facilitate stronger GDP growth in 2017. z

Source: “After the Executive Forum: What Lies Ahead,” The Staffing Stream, by Subadhra Sriram, editor and publisher, media products, Staffing Industry Analysts.

2_17_Front_170304.inddDon’t Burn Up

How to recognize burnout in your staff.

We often hear about burnout in the nurses, therapists and aides we place on short-term assignments, but we often overlook the possibility that the recruiters in high-stress sales roles who work with these healthcare professionals could suffer burnout as well.

Here are a few ways to spot burnout in your salespeople and what you can do to prevent it.

Exhaustion. A pattern of exhaustion combined with

lack of motivation and negative attitude at work can be signs of burnout.

Lack of motivation. A sudden dip in motivation from an employee who consistently over-performed in the past could mean it’s time to check in with that employee.

Negativity. While employees will experience some negative emotions from time to time, it’s important to recognize when it becomes unusual or persistent for employees.

Source: “How to recognize and avoid burnout in your staff,” The Staffing Stream, by Jennifer Fuicelli, CEO of Advanced Inc.