We include developments from the Staffing Industry Daily News and The Staffing Stream to help you focus on emerging movements that could shape your business for the better.

A Tipping Point

Facial recognition and biometrics already benefit staffing.

Apple’s adoption of facial recognition has put biometrics on the map, but facial recognition has already proven to be extremely beneficial in the staffing industry. Until recently, timesheets were typically faxed to the recruiter once they were signed by the client at the end of each week, with associated issues such as illegibility, late approvals delaying the payroll and human error. With biometric-enabled apps, temporary workers can check in and out by taking a geo-time-stamped “selfie,” and timesheets can be eradicated.

Source: “Apple brings facial recognition and biometrics to a tipping point,” The Staffing Stream, by Roderick Smyth, CEO of TempBuddy.


Sketch protected businessman concept with umbrella and rain

Got Those Blues

Winter weather affects employees’ mood, productivity.

Harsh winter weather can lead to the “winter workplace blues” for affected workplaces, according to a survey by Accountemps, a division of Robert Half International Inc. The survey found 38% of professionals said winter weather has a negative effect on their mood at work. Tips for workers: Stay active, stay nourished, make time for small talk, set goals for the year ahead and pursue professional development.


Cartoon robot sitting in line with applicants for a job interviewThe Right Mix

Workers need blend of technical, soft skills amid automation age.

Developing the right blend of technical skills and soft skills is the solution for workers and employers as technology transforms organizations, according to a report by ManpowerGroup Inc. It found 86% of employers say their headcount will increase or remain flat in the next two years because of automation. However, the impact varies by function: IT functions anticipate the greatest hiring; adminis¬tration and office functions expect the greatest. decrease.