Mission Possible

It was a good year for healthcare staffing providers. They took eight of the top 10 spots on Staffing Industry Analysts’ 2017 list of Fastest-Growing Staffing Firms in the US. In addition, staffing providers listing healthcare as one of their top segments represented 35% of firms on the list. Information […]


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Sponsored Content: Are You in Control of Your Firm’s Rep?

August 21st, 2017|

From a potential client checking online reviews of your company to a job applicant checking with his or her network before sending a résumé, you can safely assume anyone engaging with a staffing firm today can — and will — […]

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Piece by Piece

May 23rd, 2017|

Mergers and acquisitions are a common feature of the ever-evolving staffing industry landscape. Roughly 8% of US staffing firms are acquired in any given year, according to an estimate last year by Staffing Industry Analysts, the publisher of this magazine. […]

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Changing Colors

May 1st, 2017|

Talent marketplaces, online staffing, crowdsourcing, human cloud — they all add up to an ever-increasing collection of terminology to describe the connection of people with work. And then there is the freelancer management system, or FMS, one of the now-venerable […]

Online Showcase

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The Barbell Effect

July 13th, 2017|

Independent work has evolved from “something you do when you can’t get a real job” to a viable, coveted way for many to work, and data from MBO Partners’ 2017 State of Independence in America support that trend. In fact, […]

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Beyond the Hype

June 6th, 2017|

Contingent workforce buyers and suppliers have always kept an eye on metrics, but now machine learning aims to automate and speed up the analysis of data.

Last November, Google announced its Cloud Jobs API, which uses machine learning to enable job-seekers […]

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Treat Them Right

May 31st, 2017| and

Organizations hiring full-time employees dedicate significant time and resources to address jobseeker satisfaction. And it is increasingly common for them to employ a dedicated candidate experience or recruitment marketing team tasked with optimizing the practice. Leading brands realize they are […]

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Survival of the Fittest

In a 2001 interview, I said, “You can’t move forward if you’re looking back.” I was recently reminded that survival in this ever-changing industry shouldn’t be taken for granted. With increasing customer demands and technology evolving daily, we are blessed to be one of the few companies that has survived and prospered. As I think about the “Fastest-Growing Staffing Firms” in this issue’s cover story, I reflect on what has helped us and other successful firms scale and thrive in an industry that has changed drastically over the last two decades.

Twenty-two years ago, Kforce (then known as Romac International) joined […]

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Benefit of Counsel: Guard Your Interests

It has long been common practice for employers to use restrictive covenant agreements to safeguard […]

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Research Report: Benchmark & Conquer

The Art of War, a fifth century Chinese military treatise attributed to military strategist Sun […]

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Your Company’s Big Idea

No matter your role, there is an underlying force and energizing theme that drives your […]

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Practice Makes Permanent

With today’s labor market and buyers being as sophisticated as they’ve ever been, sales has […]

The Staffing Stream

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    Key Findings In our prior report, issued in June, we saw a slight reversal back into positive growth territory in terms of the median among publicly traded staffing companies doing business in North […]

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    Key Findings: This insight contains the initial findings of the 2017 Staffing Company Survey for staffing firms primarily operating in North America. It includes the complete survey questions and […]

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    The US Pay Rate Rangefinder was created to help staffing firms benchmark their pay rates for occupations against local, state and national wage data. The tool contains data on 820 detailed […]

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