‘I take nothing for granted’

Linda Galipeau was no stranger to the staffing industry, having seen her mother temping as a secretary. Galipeau herself took temp summer jobs as a university student and eventually rose to be head of Randstad, North America, managing a $6 billion portfolio. Galipeau is the only woman on the executive […]


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2017 Global Power 100 – Women in Staffing, the North America 50

September 26th, 2017|, , , , and

Getting to the top of the corporate ladder is no easy feat. And women must excel almost to the point of being superhuman to even attempt cracking the glass ceiling. The good news? Some ground has been broken. Let’s take […]

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Visionaries and Innovators

September 26th, 2017|

As advances in technology continue to evolve and reshape the staffing industry, women are increasingly taking on leadership roles. Penny Queller, senior vice president and general manager of staffing for Monster, has seen women’s contributions up close in her more […]

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Piece by Piece

May 23rd, 2017|

Mergers and acquisitions are a common feature of the ever-evolving staffing industry landscape. Roughly 8% of US staffing firms are acquired in any given year, according to an estimate last year by Staffing Industry Analysts, the publisher of this magazine. […]

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Crack the Case

October 9th, 2017|

Your website is the single most important marketing vehicle for your staffing firm — and the one with the highest potential return on investment. Each month, it will host thousands (if not tens of thousands) of visitors — employers, job […]

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Industrial Staffing in a Time of Candidate Scarcity

September 26th, 2017|

Since the great recession, the industrial segment of the US temporary staffing market has nearly doubled in size to reach an estimated $33 billion this year, according to our most recent forecast. After a strong run of expansion, the market declined […]

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The Next Industrial Revolution

September 5th, 2017|

You may, or may not, be aware that the Fourth Industrial Revolution came upon us a couple of years ago. Each of its predecessors had been powered by the invention of ground-breaking new technologies; the First, in the 1780s, came […]

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View From the Boardroom: Guiding Principles

What a pivotal time to be in staffing. Our labor market is nearing full employment. “Artificial intelligence” has become a mainstream term. And the jobs of tomorrow are taking shape before our eyes.

In such a transformative environment, staffing leaders must connect more dots than ever before — and faster. However, as we whirl into the future of work, modern-day executives should not lose sight of the philosophies that made them the leaders they are today. With that, here are my […]

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Straight Talk: Know Whom You Work With

A combination of misplaced co-employment fears and invisibility cloaks shield contingent workforce professionals from seeing […]

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Expert’s Corner: Buy or Build?

As a CIO and frequent speaker on technology in the staffing industry, I am often […]

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The Other Side: Human Interaction

I decided to try the gig economy after leaving a corporate job. I wanted to […]

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To peer into the future of staffing, one need look no further than Knightscope, a […]

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