Meet SIA’s 2018 Europe Staffing 100. This annual list features the foremost leaders in Europe’s workforce solutions ecosystem. In a dynamic space rife with innovation, we have the pleasure of highlighting professionals influencing the world of work and managing its meteoric changes.

They bring us jobs that we can’t do without. But placing people in jobs is just one piece of what they do. They are futurists, whose hands are in many different, developing technologies. Ambitious and creative, they have expanded their respective companies beyond staffing into other fields — especially ones with emerging technology.

These trailblazers have helped evolve a market (temp plus perm) estimated to be worth €159 billion in 2017. It’s a tough market to navigate. Challenging global recruitment conditions with candidate shortages, volatility due to disruption from new technologies — AI, machine learning, blockchain — and political and legal vicissitudes across Europe pose complicated ramifications. For example, there is talk of a Brexit-induced recession and the government in Italy is mulling limits on temporary work; meanwhile, Norway has new restrictions on temporary work that take effect in January 2019.

Measuring influence in this frontier is tricky. A company’s financial success is one of many criteria. The European Staffing 100 covers a gamut of accomplishments. From tacticians to policymakers to reformers, the list is a reflection of the multitalented, diverse staffing markets in Europe. And where do the Staffing 100 hail from? Seventeen countries are represented. Today 20 of the Staffing 100 are female — compared with 15 from last year’s list.

Sponsored by Bullhorn, this list is not a ranking. We merely showcase these individuals. The nominations come from you and the ecosystem.

Congratulations to the 2018 Europe Staffing 100. The profiles can also be viewed online at

Read on to meet these stars and prepare to be inspired.