Many of the women in the Global Power 150 – Women in Staffing list are already CEOs. Others will someday head the company they are at or a competitor, and still others will make waves in other leadership roles. Regardless, they have all played a big part in leading their divisions and ­firms to record growth in some of the most difficult market conditions in recent memory. But what is outstanding is the legacy they leave for our ecosystem. They are helping the ecosystem navigate and adapt to a new world of work.

In the wake of great upheaval — the pandemic, war in Ukraine, Great Resignation, talent crisis, economic downturn and more — these forward-thinking women have turned challenges into springboards to success. They have built internal teams that work with contingent workers to give customers what they need to operate successfully. And from understanding the digital nomad mindset to ensuring employers have the required paraphernalia around an integrated workforce in a hybrid model, they have surfaced, socialized and provided what the talent want.

Increasing diversity remains top of mind as well. By embracing DE&I initiatives, these women are providing economic opportunity to people of all backgrounds. Continually fine-tuning work models, developing tech initiatives and fostering team culture while keeping a keen eye on data security, contracts, insurance and more, this group has helped shape a global staffing industry that generated $599 billion in revenue worldwide last year. SIA forecasts that the US staffing industry alone will grow 14% this year to reach a record $212.8 billion. We applaud this illustrious group for their efforts in generating and overseeing this revenue. The Global Power 150 — Women in Staffing list, sponsored by Bullhorn, is not a ranking; it’s an opportunity to celebrate those women who continue to take our industry forward. And we could not do this without your nominations.

We want to see more women earning seats at the table and recognize others who are making a difference to their companies as well as their communities. Our honorees are making great strides in not just taking their companies forward but evolving our industry and holding it to higher standards. Their stories inspire so many lives in our ecosystem. It is why we believe it is important to publicize and celebrate women. We hope their success stories inspire you and help you take your career to the next level as well.

Congratulations to The 2022 Global Power 150 — Women in Staffing.