The turbulence of the last few years has hardly subsided for the European staffing market. There’s been little time to bask in the optimism of the post-pandemic recovery. Instead, geopolitical turmoil, sagging economies and talent shortages have curtailed industry growth — with scant sign of relief.

At the same time, workers have been flexing their collective muscle, with strikes affecting multiple industries. And while the UK has attempted to reign in the power of organised labour, workers have prevailed thus far, with staffing firms unable to replace striking workers.

Yet leading the way through these times are the honourees of the 2023 Staffing 100 Europe, who have deftly guided their firms through market fluctuations and changing regulations. They have embraced new technologies and sought ways to develop talent — both contingent as well as internal. They have also worked with governing bodies to ensure the fair treatment of the industry and the businesses and workers it serves.

Congratulations to these champions of change. The Staffing 100 Europe list comprises C-suite executives, tech specialists, lawyers, operations experts — men and women dedicated to the industry and its underlying goal to put people to work. In the EMEA region, they have helped shape the development of a €230 billion market.

The 2023 Staffing 100 Europe list — sponsored by Bullhorn — is not a ranking. It’s designed to recognise those who have made a difference in the way we work today and will in the future. Congratulations to this year’s honourees. Read about their accomplishments online.