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How Am I Doing?

Provide temps’ performance feedback, and by email, while you’re at it.

The majority of temporary workers — 54% — prefer emails from their recruiters, compared with 21% who prefer phone calls and just 16% who prefer texts, an SIA report shows. Meanwhile, they want to hear more than just the next job opportunities, such as “feedback about my performance” and “communication about career development/training options.”

Source: North America Temporary Worker Survey 2020: How to communicate with temporary workers, what they need to know

Temp Employment
Staffing firms account for nearly a fifth of the US gig economy.

An estimated 9.8 million people in the US worked through a staffing firm in 2019, comprising about 18% of the US gig workforce, according to an SIA report. SIA’s data differs from that of the Bureau of Labor Statistics — which estimated temp labor at 3 million workers in 2019. The BLS in June 2020 said temporary staffing employment fell 29% in May from February amid the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown.

Source: The US Gig Economy – 2020 Edition

What’s an IC?

Independent contractor models worldwide.

While legislation varies considerably from country to country, whether someone is regarded as employed or not is judged by the factual nature of their employment. It is not judged by their defined status in a contract. This report looks at the ways in which the law classifies independent contractors across 18 countries and identifies the different models ICs use to provide their services.

Source: IC Compliance & Payrolling – Global Legal Overview