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Temps call for more communication as remote work continues

Amid the pandemic, temp workers surveyed by SIA reported feeling forgotten while working remotely. Their advice to staffing firms: Communicate on a regular basis to make sure your temp workers are doing well. Also, make sure your client is actually set up for remote work and has support staff in place to problem-solve.
Source: “North America Temporary Worker Survey 2021: Remote work experience and advice on how to make it better

Back on Track
After the pandemic caused a drop, global revenue to rebound
The staffing industry generated $445 billion of revenue worldwide in 2020, SIA estimates, which represents a drop of 11% from 2019 due to the pandemic. The US accounted for nearly a third of the market, or 31%. Eighty-eight percent of staffing revenue was derived from temporary staffing and the remainder from place & search. The market is expected to grow by 12% this year.
Source: “Global Staffing Market Estimates & Forecasts May 2021

Migrating Online
Digital platforms are transforming the world of work grow fivefold as more services are migrated online. Taxi and delivery platforms account for much of that, having grown tenfold over the 10-year period, while web-based platforms have tripled.

Since the onset of the pandemic, the supply of labor has also increased significantly, while demand fell and shifted toward software development tasks. The excess labor supply has resulted in greater competition for available work and placed downward pressure on the earnings of platform workers.
Source: “The Role of Digital Labour Platforms in Transforming the World of Work