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Bring on the Robots

Trends in robotic process automation and key vendors.

With global skills shortages becoming more acute, automation is supplementing a workforce that is not at full capacity. A digital workforce is capable of working 24×7, requires limited oversight, and can scale in response to growth with speed, agility and resilience.

The global RPA market is estimated to be worth over $1 billion in 2018, while the market is forecast to grow at over 20% per annum over the next three years. A report by SIA provides readers with a glimpse into the capabilities available, an idea of who some of the main players are, and some best practices for firms that may be interested in leveraging this technology in their business.

Source: “Introduction to Robotic Process Automation

Name That Brand
Temps ID staffing firms relevant to their fields?

SIA asked temporary workers to identify staffing firm brands relevant to their respective occupations from a list that included legitimate as well as two fictional staffing brands.

IT, healthcare, and office/clerical workers correctly identified legitimate staffing firms, respectively, a median 66%, 76% and 66% of the time.

Source: “North America Temporary Worker Survey 2019: To what degree do temporary workers recognize staffing firm brands?

Ten Years and Counting
Trends consistent with late-stages of expansion.

We were hopeful the poor first quarter for temporary staffing was driven more by events specific to that period, rather than suggestive of a longer-term trend. However, flattish (and in some cases slightly downward) trends in temporary staffing volume from the Bureau of Labor Statistics in June are consistent with the latter stages of an economic expansion.

Source: “US Jobs Report: June 2019